Who we are?

Hi. I’m Sina, the founder of Iran Vegan Travel. After years of traveling in Iran as a tour leader and being Vegan at the same time, I had the chance to build up a great network of vegan friends allover the country and spot places to give vegan service. Now with the help of our community we are happy to pave the way to facilitate the journey for fellow vegans and vegan-friendly travelers to beautiful and historical Iran.

Why a vegan tour?

There are some helpful articles on internet about Persian vegan dishes or vegan survival kit to Iran, however the problem is few people understand veganism and today even most originally vegan dishes are cooked non-vegan. With us you not only save your time and energy to get the most out of your journey to discover Persia, but also you will have the opportunity of exploring Persian culture in depth by getting immersed in the world of taste and smell of Persian cuisine.

Our service

Whether you choose a nature trip or a classical historical one with us, we are glad to let you experience the taste of local Persian cuisine wherever you go as if you are on a vegan culinary tour. Even vegan friendly travelers will not miss anything with us. Our service also includes interacting with local vegans, optional Persian cooking classes, providing info on vegan friendly artworks, handicrafts, souvenirs, and surprises and even more!