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Who we are

Hi! I’m Sina, the founder of Iran Vegan Travel. I’ve been working and traveling in Iran for years as a tour guide. And being vegan, I’ve had the chance to build up a great network of vegan friends all over the country, as well as discover places that offer delightful vegan food and lifestyle products. Now with the help of our community, I’m happy to welcome fellow vegans, vegetarians, and foodies in general on a delicious adventure across beautiful and historical Iran. 


Hello! I’m Parisa, the vegan chef and food stylist of Iran Vegan Travel. When I went vegan, I became more and more interested in cooking. Given my background as an artist, I have been able to connect my art to vegan cooking and create new recipes every day that I post on my Instagram page, Parisa’s Vegan Life. Not only am I always on the search for local dishes around Iran that are traditionally vegan, but I also veganize non-vegan Persian dishes without compromising their taste. Even non-vegan Iranians can’t believe that animal products have been omitted from those dishes! I love travelling and discovering new things about different cultures, so I accompany our group tours to provide the best dishes for you, so you, too, can experience the real taste of Persian cuisine with us while discovering all the wonders Iran has to offer!


Hi! I’m Pontia, the content creator and webmaster of Iran Vegan Travel. Born and raised in the US, I moved to Tehran 5 years ago to teach English and learn more about my heritage. Not long after my move, I became vegan, and soon thereafter, I found my vegan tribe here in Iran! As an Iranian-American, I believe that I have an unbiased perspective on Iran and Iranian culture and a unique ability to explain cultural nuances to foreigners. I share many of these cultural explainers, language tips, and travel diaries on my blog, My Persian Corner. When I’m not teaching or writing, you can find me on a hunt to discover the hidden gems of Iran. I also accompany our group tours because it’s always more fun to share these treasures with like-minded friends!

Why a vegan tour?

There are many helpful articles on the Internet about vegan food options in Iran. But the truth is, few people in Iran truly understand veganism, and unfortunately, many originally vegan dishes are now cooked non-vegan. With us, you can devote all your time and energy to discovering Iran and ancient Persia all the while immersing yourself in the world of traditional vegan Persian cuisine.

Our promise

Whether you choose a nature trip or a classical historical one, we promise that you will experience the taste of local Persian cuisine wherever you go, as if you are on a vegan culinary tour. No matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply a foodie, you’ll love the dishes as much as the insights we have to offer. On our tours, you’ll also have the opportunity to interact closely with local vegans, opt for Persian cooking classes, get information on vegan-friendly artwork, handicrafts, and souvenirs, and much more!