Why Us

Hidden Gems Of Persia

Unlike typical tours of Iran, we don’t just cover the highlights or go the classic route. With us, you’ll discover the hidden gems of ancient Persia and modern Iran through art, literature, music, and food, just to name a few.

Healthy Food

Our vegan hosts are not only well-versed in veganism, but they are also dedicated to healthy cooking and make a variety of nutritious dishes using natural, fresh, and high quality ingredients to make sure you enjoy a cruelty-free, healthy, happy trip.

Deeper Travel Experience

One of the best ways to understand a culture is to fully immerse yourself in it. We provide unique opportunities to interact with locals and do what they do so that you can have a most authentic experience.

Real Life Experience

On our tours, you will have the chance to meet Iranian families, spend quality time at their home, share meals together, and know about their lifestyle. You will also get a deep cultural understanding through live traditional music, Persian poetry reading nights, and more.

Traditional Hospitality

Iranian hospitality is the stuff of legend. But we’re not just talking about our own top-notch services and those of our hosts. Whether it’s a glass of tea at the baker’s or an invitation to dinner from a kind stranger, the hospitality you experience in Iran will be unforgettable.

You’ll Be Among Friends!

Spending time and traveling in a group of like-minded people who are as caring and full of love for animals and our planet as you are is something that is sure to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.


Not only do we respect Mother Earth through the food options we offer, but we also take every possible measure to preserve our culture and nature to make our tours as sustainable as possible. While we can’t claim to be totally zero waste yet, it is a goal we strive to achieve with every tour and hope to very soon loudly and proudly proclaim.


Why A Vegan Tour?

There are many helpful articles on the Internet about vegan food options in Iran. But the truth is, few people in Iran truly understand veganism, and unfortunately, many originally vegan dishes are now cooked non-vegan. With us, you can devote all your time and energy to discovering Iran and ancient Persia all the while immersing yourself in the world of traditional vegan Persian cuisine.

Our Promise

Whether you choose a nature trip or a classical historical one, we promise that you will experience the taste of local Persian cuisine wherever you go, as if you are on a vegan culinary tour. No matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply a foodie, you’ll love the dishes as much as the insights we have to offer. On our tours, you’ll also have the opportunity to interact closely with local vegans, opt for Persian cooking classes, get information on vegan-friendly artwork, handicrafts, and souvenirs, and much more!