To obtain an Iranian visa, you may apply for it in advance through an Iranian agency or get an Iranian visa on arrival. Here, we will discuss these options as well as visa-free countries and the special condition for passport holders of the US, UK, and Canada.

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Iran VOA (visa on arrival) is a special service from the Iranian government that grants tourist visas at the time of arrival in authorized airports. VOA is issued in two types: 14 and 30 days. If someone is eligible for VOA, then the chances of getting rejected is very rare. However, process may take up to 4 hours, especially during the high season.


Who can get VOA

Every nationality can apply for VOA tourist visa except for the following:

  • Journalists and reporters on mission
  • Those who have previously gotten rejected for an Iran visa
  • Passport holders of the US, the UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan
  • If you have Israeli stamp in your passport


VOA requirements

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Personal photo to attach to Iran visa application form
  • Confirmed return ticket. It should be within 30 days from entry.
  • Printout of travel insurance. It is recommended to get it in advance to avoid probable delays in the airport. However, you may also buy your travel insurance in the airport. When getting the insurance in advance, please make sure that it covers Iran and that the name of Iran is printed on your insurance.
  • Proof of your first night accommodation booking.
  • Iran visa fee payable only in cash (Euro or Dollar). The visa fee varies depending on the nationality. For European Schengen countries, it averages about 75€. For some countries, its less (Croatia 50€), and for other countries, it’s more (Australia 150€). The fees are subject to change.

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Visa in advance

You may apply for an Iranian visa through an agency before traveling to Iran. All that is needed is a scan of your personal photo, passport, and a completed application form. It takes less than a week to get your visa approval with an authentication code. With this visa approval, you will skip the queues at the airport and the stress of visa rejection. We are happy to help you through the process for a service fee of only 20 €. This visa approval is valid for 3 months.

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US, UK, and Canadian passport holders

These nationalities are required to apply for a visa in advance and travel with a tour by an Iranian agency. The tour must be pre-planned with itinerary and assigned accommodations and tour guide. The request must be submitted at least 2 months prior to arrival. Apart from the standard documents, these citizens need to fill in some other forms. Iran Vegan Travel is proud to help these nationalities easily go through this process.

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Visa-free countries

The citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia, and China can travel to Iran without getting a visa.