Why choose us

Why choose a vegan tour to Iran?

Unlike typical Iran tours, we don’t just cover the highlights. With us you discover hidden gems of Persia through art, literature, music, food and so on. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us even if you are not vegan or vegetarian.


Healthy food

Our vegan chefs are dedicated to healthy cooking and make a variety of nutritious dishes using natural, fresh, high quality ingredients to make sure you enjoy a healthy happy trip.


deeper travel experience

A great way of getting to know a culture is to immerse in the world of colors, smells and tastes of local dishes. The odd thing about restaurants in Iran is they mostly serve only different types of Kebabs with rice. With us you can taste the real Persian cuisine with various delicious dishes which you cannot find in restaurants. Besides, many Persian recipes were originally vegetarian and vegan and meat added only in recent century as a spice. So apart from Kebab (grilled meat), you won’t miss anything from Persian cuisine.


Real life experience

On our tours you will get to meet Iranian families, spend quality time at their home, having meals and know about their lifestyle. You will also get a deep cultural understanding through live traditional music presentation, Persian poetry reading nights and more.



Not only we respect our earth through the food service we provide, we also take every possible measure to preserve our culture and nature to make our tours as sustainable as possible.


Compassionate atmosphere

Being in a group of like-minded people who are caring and full of love for our planet is something that makes a trip more memorable.