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Vegan Ghormeh Sabzi


Vegan ghormeh sabzi  is the most popular Persian vegetable stew and is known as the national symbol of Iranian taste. In fact, the taste of this dish like many other Persian dishes is unbelievably flawless without any chicken or meat. and we are glad to be introducing the vegan version of it.


As a matter of fact, the whole flavor of this dish is in the herbs and dried lime. In addition, the beans in this stew provide enough protein for a meal.

some different side dishes like onion slices, Shirazi salad, vegan Doogh, pickles and fresh herbs are great to accompany this meal.



  • 1 large onion
  • 1 cup red kidney beans
  • 5 kg herbs (leek, coriander, and parsley with the same amount; fenugreek 1/3 of the whole amount)
  • 2 dried limes
  • ½ tsp turmeric
  • To the required amount salt
  • To the required amount oil
  • To the required amount water



1.Soak the red beans in water for 8 hours and drain them. it helps to remove the bloating of beans and also decreases the cooking time. Then, cook the beans in water.


2. Wash the herbs, mince and sauté them in a pan for about 20 minutes.

3. Chop the onion into tiny dices and sauté it in a pot until the color slightly changes into golden and add turmeric to it.


4. Add the red beans and herbs to the onion. Chop the dried limes into halves and remove their seeds. Then, add them to the onion, as well.


5. Pour about 3 cups of water into the pot and stir the stew. Increase the flame of the oven.

6. When the stew is boiling reduce the heat and Place the lid on the pot and let it cook for at least 1 hour slowly. During this time, check the stew to make sure that it has enough water and does not burn.


7. In the end, add the salt and let it simmer for 10 more minutes with an open lid.


8. Now your vegan ghormeh sabzi is ready to be served with rice and Persian side dishes.

By: Parisa Purranjbar

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