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Explore Persia through Iran – 12 Days

12 Days
Availability : On request
Min Age : 9+
Max People : 10
Tour Overview

Discover Iran with vegan Persian food as if you are on  vegan food tour. Iran is full of treasures of Persia. On this 12-day tour, with a relaxed pace, visit all the main highlights of Iran classical route. (Kashan, Yazd, Shiraz, Esfahan). with a special theme of discovering Persian history. Enjoy meeting Zoroastrians and their sites and rituals. Feel the grandeur of Persian Empire by walking through the remains of their capitals. Get mesmerized by Persian art manifesting its glory in magnificent mosques from Islamic era. We make all these more memorable for you by bringing you the best foodie experience of various real vegan Persian food.

On this tour, travelers have the opportunity to experience Persian cuisine either in local houses or traditional cafes and restaurants. All dishes are prepared under full supervision of vegan chefs. Various and authentic Persian dishes are served for every meal just like a vegan food tour. In each city local vegan guides help to introduce the best quality vegan souvenirs and handicrafts.




Tour price: 1490€      

Single supplement: 150€


  • Ideal months to take this tour is from March to May and from September to November. For the rest of the year you need to pack more or less cloths but instead you have the privilege of visiting the sites free from crowds.
  • Accommodation includes 11 nights in standard hotels and guesthouses (3 star and above).
  • Our Iran vegan food tour packages are ideal for every foodie (non-vegan, vegetarian or vegan), since you get to try authentic Persian cuisine.
  • If you wish to have an experience of Iran deserts in addition to this tour of Iran classical route, please check out our other tours for extra central desert adventure or Lut desert adventure.
  • Use the contact form on this page to enquire about group tour discounts. (2 persons and more)

Price Includes

  • Private transportation
  • Airport transfer to/from IKA airport
  • Tour Guide
  • Entrance Fees
  • All the meals & snacks
  • All Accommodation (3 star and above)
  • Iran visa service

Price Excludes

  • Travel insurance
  • International airfare
  • Visa stamp fee

Day 1 Arrive in Tehran

Arrive at IKA international airport (Tehran) and transfer to your hotel. Have rest till our evening welcome meeting. Have your first Persian dinner. Overnight in Tehran.

Day 2Kashan-Yazd

Drive to desert city of Kashan to visit House of Tabatabaei (or House of Borujerdi) and the ancient underground city of Nushabad. Overnight in Yazd or Meybod.

Day 3Meybod-Chak Chak-Kharanagh

Visit Kharanagh 85 km from Yazd. Walk up through the maze-like alleys of this abandoned village to travel in the history. Also visit the holy mountainous Zoroasterian temple of Chak Chak. Have a delicious vegan lunch and rest in Meybod before visiting the amazing desert adaptive architectures developed by old Persians. See how they developed systems to keep ice even in hot summer months (Ice House) or how they fertilized their desert lands for agriculture (Dove Tower) as well as the Narin Citadel and a caravanserai. savour a veganized local dish for dinner.

Day 4Yazd

Yazd, once an important station on Silk road, listed as a world Heritage Site, with its well preserved old districts, has so much to illustrate how Persian civilization adapted in such a desert land! Morning visit to Tower of Silence (the amazing burial ground of Zoroastrians), a Fire Temple with a sacred fire kept alive for 1550 years and then visit to the Zoroastrian Museum, tells you a lot about this ancient religion of old Persia. After Dolatabad Garden, off to a nice spot to have a traditional vegan lunch. We enjoy our evening by walking among the old clay buildings with outstanding wind catchers, Jame Mosque and Amir Chakhmagh square. overnight in Yazd.

Day 5Persepolis-Shiraz

We leave for Shiraz (450 km). short stop in Abarkuh to see the over 4000-year-old “Cypress of Abarkuh” on the way. A Persian vegan lunch beside the ruins of the great Achaemenid capital the “Persepolis” and then visiting this glorious awestrucking Persian capital. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 6Shiraz

We start Shiraz city tour by Nasirolmolk Mosque (Pink mosque) and continue with Naranjestan and Eram Garden and an herbal distilling workshop to feel the soothing and relaxing atmosphere of Shiraz for which it is famous for. relax and enjoy a tasty vegan meal with a lovely local family. Evening time in Mausoleum of the great Persian poet, Sadi.

Day 7Shiraz

Morning visit to Shahecheragh, a great Imamzadeh shrine. We then head to Vakil complex (bathhouse, Mosque and Bazaar). Spending the afternoon with a local vegan family and have special homemade dishes from Shiraz. in the evening get to know Hafez, in this poet’s Mausoleum, a favorite hangout for local lovers with traditional Persian songs in the air caressing your ears.

Day 8Pasargadea-Esfahan

Leaving Shiraz for Esfahan (490 km). On the way there is “Naghsh-e-Rostam” a great necropolis of Achaemenian and Sassanian Kings carved into huge rocks and then “Pasargadae” the Achaemenid capital and tome of Cyrus the Great.

Day 9Esfahan

The day starts at fabulous square of Naghshe Jahan, the second greatest in the world. get mesmerized by the surrounding monuments of Chehel Sotun, Aliqapu Palace, Abbasi and Sheikhlotfolah Mosque which might be the most glorious showcase of Islamic architecture in the world. Lunch at house of a friendly local vegan family. Free time in the afternoon to explore the square and Bazaar for the unique eye-catching handicrafts of Isfahan. After dinner we have a memorable night walk between picturesque ancient bridges of Siosepol, Jouei and Khajou.

Day 10Esfahan

Onto the Armenian quarter in southwest of the city to see how this minority has survived and flourished through history and visit magnificent Bethlehem Church and also Vank Cathedral. Later onto Music Museum of Iran where most Persian musical instruments are displayed and you can enjoy listening to some pieces in a short live concert. Relax at lunch time at a cozy bower in a garden with special vegan dishes from Esfahan. We then go to Jame Atigh Mosque and after that to a “Zurkhane” where, if we are lucky enough, we can watch the athletes doing the ancient Pahlavani sport.

Day 11(Barzok, Natanz or Abyaneh)-Tehran

We leave Esfahan to Tehran (450 km). on the way, depending on the time of the year, we visit Barzok or Natanz or Abyaneh. “Barzok”: is a mountainous village where annual Rose Water Festival happens in May or June. Great chance to engage in the festival and see the whole process from picking rose flowers from vast colorful scented gardens to finally distilling the finest aromatic Rose water. Nataz: is a historical city where we can visit a saffron farm in October or November. Abyaneh: an ancient village with red houses and people preserving their unique colorful costumes. Overnight in Tehran.

Day 12Tehran

Breakfast and transfer to airport.

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