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Indulge in the tasty world of Persian cuisine and interact with locals. This is a tour of Iran's classical route (Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd) with an extra focus on Persian cuisine. We have combined cultural and gastronomy adventures to bring you a pleasant Iran experience. Iran food tour is ideal for every traveler looking for a more profound experience of Iran. On this 8-day vegan food tour, not only you will visit Iran's main highlights, but also will savor plenty of vegan Persian dishes, desserts, and drinks.


Single supplement: 200€

  • The ideal months to take this tour are from March to May and September to November. For the rest of the year, you just need to pack more or fewer clothes but instead, you have the privilege of visiting the sites free from crowds.
  • Accommodation includes 7 nights in standard hotels and guesthouses (3-star and above).
  • Our Iran vegan food tour packages are ideal for every foodie (non-vegan, vegetarian, or vegan) since you get to try authentic Persian cuisine.


Day 1

Departure from Tehran

We will welcome you at Tehran airport and after introduction and serving the first Persian meal, will drive to Yazd. Evening wandering through the old clay buildings and allies of town. feasting on vegan zoroasterian desserts and dishes for dinner. Overnight in Yazd.

Day 2

Yazd Adventure Begins

Visiting Yazd highlights. We will start by two zoroasterian sites of silent tower and fire temple. We then go shopping for handicrafts and local pastries which happen to be originally vegan. Surprising your taste buds with a Persian vegan dish for lunch at a vegan vegetarian friendly restaurant in Yazd. Spending the afternoon at Yazd Jameh mosque and Amirchakhmaq square before going back for another vegan delight for dinner.

Day 3

Persepolis & Shiraz

Morning heading for beautiful Shiraz and visiting the magnificent Persepolis on the way. Enjoying a special Persian dish from Shiraz before visiting the ruins of  the Achaemenid capital. We will finish the day at relaxing atmosphere of Shahcheragh holy shrine.

Day 4

City Tour in beautiful Shiraz

Exploring Shiraz historical highlights as well as its super yummy local sweets and desserts. Shiraz highlights are Pink mosque, Vakil complex, Hafiz mausoleum and Eram garden. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 5

Necropolis & Esfahan

Visiting the ancient Necropolis from Achaemanid and Sasanid period on the way to Esfahan. After a fine dine at a vegan friendly restaurant in Esfahan we will take a memorable night walk along ancient elegant bridges of Isfahan.

Day 6

magnificent Esfahan & Persian cooking with locals

Visiting Isfahan’s main highlights at the wellknown Nagshe Jahan square, and then heading to the traditional bazaar to explore and buy special ingredients for a Persian recipe. As of which we need for the Persian cooking class after lunch.

Day 7

Esfahan city tour

Starting the day by walking through magnificent Chaharbagh street, having vegan ice-cream and visiting Armenian quarter of the town. Joining a local family at their house to spend the lunch time with a local specialty they have prepared. Evening time to visit Jameh mosque of Esfahan, a zurkhaneh and trying local sweets, deserts and drinks. Another specialty from Persian vegan cuisine for your last dinner.

Day 8

Back to Tehran

Transfer from Esfahan to the airport in Tehran (410km)