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Day 1

Transfer to Meymand

The first day starts by transfering you to Kerman province in UNESCO cave village of Maymand.

Day 2

Maymand village

Our day starts at Meymand, a very ancient village registered in UNESCO’s world heritage sites. With people still living it there, this hand carved rocky village has evidences to be inhabited since 12000 years ago. Overnight in Meymand cave guesthouse.

Day 3

Rageh Canyon

We will say goodbye to Maymand in the morning and drive to Rageh Canyon. You need your hiking shoes for this one-of-a-kind nature excursion in Iran. Through a passage, we will descend to the bottom of the canyon and hike through the twists of the canyon. Will drive to Kerman before sunset.

Day 4


Walk through one of the oldest bazaars in Iran in the Ganjalikhan historic complex. interact with people and look for ancient handicrafts and souvenirs at the stalls. Overnight in Mahan or Kerman.

Day 5

kaluts _ Lut desert

We head to the Shahdad desert in the morning. A short stop in Sirch to visit the great old cypress of this beautiful village. On the way, we see desert attractions like qanat and have lunch in a desert oasis before one-hour trekking in the hot nebkha forest. Enjoy the beauty of different unique shapes of yardangs formed by wind erosion throughout thousands of years. We spend quality time among the yardangs before going back to Mahan or Kerman.

Day 6

Shazdeh Garden - Bam

Morning drive to the old city of Bam (160 km) to visit this magnificent old adobe city and its citadel. Bam, listed in UNESCO world heritage sites is now properly reconstructed after the 2003 earthquake. afternoon visit to Shazdeh Garden, an impressive sample of Persian gardens and Shah nematollah shrine. Overnight in Mahan or Kerman.