We have done thorough research and spent several months to discover the treasures of the Sistan & Baluchestan province of Iran. Our team at Iran Vegan Travel is proud to offer deep, meaningful excursions to the land of Baluchi people. With us you can expect lots of meaningful local connections, authentic music experiences and various local vegan dishes as well as many historical and natural sites.

Who are Baluchs?

Baluch (also spelled Baloch) with Arian origin, are now inhabitants of south-east Iranian plateau living mainly in Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran and Pakistan. They have well conserved many heritages from the Sassanian period. Their unique costumes (both men and women), songs and ancient sites that show the history of this land can bring you a lifetime cultural experience.

Most of the Sistan & Baluchestan Iran tour highlights are included in this 9 day package. However, you could customize the tour as you wish to include more or less attractions.



Single supplement: 200€

  • The tour starts at Zahedan (north Baluchestan) and finishes at Chabahar (south Baluchestan).
  • you may choose this package alone for your Iran trip or combine it with other Iran tour packages.
  • Ideal months for this tour are November, December, March and April. If you wish to visit only the southern parts, then the weather is ideal all year round.
  • Accommodation includes 8 nights; standard hotels (3 star and above) or local guesthouses (Optional).
  • Sistan & Baluchestan has many other great attractions like mangrove forests, eye-catching beaches or Taftan active volcano. Please use the booking form to enquire about more activities and get a detailed itinerary.
  • Use the contact form on this page to enquire about discounts for groups. (3 persons and more)
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Day 1

Arrive at Zahedan

The tour starts at Zahedan, the capital of Sistan & Baluchestan province. Overnight in Zahedan.

Day 2

Mount Khajeh and The Burnt City

Two great historical sites with at least 5000 years evidence of history.

Day 3


An astonishing trekking in a valley filled with a great number of ancient petroglyphs and also a visit to an old mud castle with awesome local architecture.

Day 4


People of Kalpuregan have been constantly making handmade pottery without a pottery wheel with only natural materials. Its a day excursion to discover this heritage and their lifestyle. We will spend the afternoon in a private mystical Sufi music gathering.

Day 5


On the way to Iransahr we spend the day in a great off the beaten path vally with astonishing natural attractions and also a beautiful village with tall palm gardens and waterfall.

Day 6


Passing alongside the Bahukalat river and then Martian mountains before getting to Beris. high chances to visit gando (Persian mugger crocodile). Beris is a village over a high cliff with a picturesque view over the Indian ocean and the village harbor.

Day 7


Cherishing the day by natural beauties like watching the northern palm squirrels playing on the sacred fig tree, pink lake, marvelous beaches and trekking through Martian mountains.

Day 8


Chabahar old bazaar is a great place to interact with locals and get to know their products and lifestyle. Depending on the time of year you can choose among two adventurous options of ocean surfing or diving.

Day 9

Airport transfer

The tour ends at Chabahar. We will transfer you to your preferred transportation terminal. Airport and bus terminal are available.

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