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While today many people worldwide know about Iran and its culture, art, philosophy, and architecture, few know about Persian cuisine, much less vegan Persian food. This Middle Eastern cuisine is full of unique, tasty dishes. It’s rich in flavor and incomparable to any other type of cuisine.

Thanks in part to its strategic location along the ancient Silk Road, Iran gained access to ingredients from every corner of the old world. Its diverse climate, ranging from lush, humid forests in the north to arid desert lands in the central region, also contributes to the wide variety of agricultural produce.

Local ingredients like saffron, pistachios, pomegranates, quince, dried lemons, sumac, and many more are delicately blended to make one-of-a-kind, flavorful dishes.

Apart from kebabs which are not originally Persian, Every Persian dish can be made vegan to taste just the same as other versions. To read more about Iranian food or Iranian vegan food please read our blog post “Vegan Persian food: How to eat vegan in Iran”.

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