Discover the Ancient Art from Meybod: Zilu Weaving

Zilu is an ancient, vegan Iranian handicraft from Meybod. Discover everything you need to know about it and get hands on while visiting a workshop with us!

Iran is no stranger when it comes to traditional handicrafts. In fact, it boasts an impressive 10 cities registered by the World Crafts Council, an affiliate of UNESCO. The latest of these to join the bunch? Meybod, a desert city just outside Yazd known for its zilu. While most people are familiar with the highly-regarded […]

A Brief Guide to Kerman’s Rageh Canyon

Discover just what you can expect from Iran's otherwordly Rageh Canyon in Kerman province along with our insider tips for exploring it.

Without a doubt, untouched nature is one of the main attractions for visitors in Iran. Kerman is a vast province with many incredible natural landscapes, including the Lut Desert, Meymand cultural landscape, and Rageh Canyon. While Iran has many astounding canyons, Rageh is arguably the most magnificent and least known. Read on to discover just […]

10 Incredible Facts About Meymand, Iran’s Troglodyte Village


In addition to the pristine nature, awe-inspiring architecture, and ancient history that Iran has to offer, visitors can’t seem to get enough of its quaint villages. One such place is Meymand (also spelled Maymand), Iran’s troglodyte village carved deep in the heart of the mountains, 2,240 meters (~7,300 ft) above sea level. Here are 10 […]

6 Vegan Persian Dishes & Desserts You’ve Never Heard Of

From ancient raw vegan soups to delicous sweets, these are 6 authentically vegan Persian dishes and desserts that you've probably never heard of!

Part of what we do here at Iran Vegan Travel is scour the country for authentic, local vegan dishes. While most traditional Iranian favorites can easily be made vegan by eliminating the meat and dairy and/or substituting your favorite plant protein, there are actually several dishes that are vegan to begin with. We’ve gathered a […]

6 Reasons You Should Visit Iran in 2020

From a rich culture and history to mouth-watering dishes, these are our 6 reasons why you need to make Iran a must-visit destination in 2020!

When it comes to tourism in Iran, it always seems to be two steps forward, one step back. One minute it’s the hot spot destination, and the next, travelers are too afraid to come. But what we can tell you for sure is quite the contrary to what is depicted in mass media. And it […]